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  • HERBS Oyster Mushroom Cap 60 Capsules ৳ 410.00

    Anti-diabetic & Immune Support

    Oyster Mushroom is high in nutrients. HERBS Oyster Mushroom is as part of a healthy diet contributes to recommended nutritional requirement of population.

  • HERBS Gano Cap 60 Capsules ৳ 660.00

    Anti-allergic & anti-tumor activity

    HERBS Gano Cap is formulated form Ganoderma. It also named Linghi or Reishi or Red Mushroom a type of medicinal fungi has become respectable from the Chinese because of the “Miraculous King of Herbs”. it is taken regularly, it can restore the body to its natural state, enabling all organs to function normally.

  • HERBS Gano Neem Oil 20 mL & 60 mL ৳ 60.00৳ 160.00

    Natural healing & anti-fungal agent

    Gano Neem Oil is produced from a special formulation of Reishi mushroom and Noni extract with a combination of neem seed oil. The three ancient herbs Neem, Ganoderma and Noni found to be potent anti-infective effects.

  • HERBS Hair Oil 100 mL ৳ 350.00

    Checks premature hair graying

    Herbs Hair Oil is a super combination Reishi Mushroom and selected natural herbs.

  • HERBS Mushroom Bar 75 gm ৳ 360.00

    Removes acne, mesta & others spot on the skin

    Herbs Mushroom Bar is prepared with Reishi Mushroom extract and pearl which will make the skin radiant, bright and smooth. It can help to removes acne, mesta & others spot on your face and body. It is suitable for all types of skin.

  • SPIRUVIT-C 30 Capsules ৳ 270.00

    Natural antioxidant

    Spiruvit C is the combination of Spirulina and Amla.

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