Herbs Healthcare Center

Herbs World Limited founded the ‘HERBS Healthcare Centre’ to promote the wellness of the people and the benefit of healthy living through using Mushroom, Mushroom enriched products, natural and organic herbs, Mushroom enriched consumer and toiletries products. We serve health advice, treatment, therapy and health related information. 

Today, ‘HERBS Healthcare Centre’ is one of the most successful Herbal Healthcare Centre in Bangladesh. HERBS Healthcare Centre has a strong physician team of Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine graduate practice by the combination of Mushroom, Mushroom enriched products, other natural dietetic supplement and Ayurvedic & Unani Medicine treatment approach to advise and treat the patient with health problem associated with the diabetes, hypertension, heart block, obesity, infertility, allergy, asthma, tumor, cancer, piles, polyps, jaundice, hepatitis, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, sexual problem and others men & women degenerative health problem.

Please make an appointment before visit our ‘HERBS Healthcare Centre’. A health-conscious person is always welcome. Showroom/Chamber & Consulting Hours

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To make an appointment please call: 01833169614-16


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